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Sep 17, 2010 2:05am EDT
advice. please help. in nikki in virginia. >> i think it's time to call nikki. what do you think? >> okay. >> she has no idea we are calling her. >> it's gonna be so cool. >> let's give this a whirl. [dialing] [ringing] >> hello. >> hello, is nikki in, please? >> this is she. >> hey, it's dr. travis stork calling from the set of "the doctors"! >> whatever, are you serious! >> everyone say hi, nikki! >> hi, nikki! >> oh, my gosh, oh, my god, are you serious? >> you are on live here during a taping of "the doctors". >> wow! oh, my goodness! >> your big question is about allergies, right? >> yes, it is, actually. i never had allergy when i was a kid and i have a cat and i was wondering if you can develop allergies as an adult. specifically to cats? >> well, nikki, you can develop adult onset allergies. >> uh-huh. >> it's common with pets because your immune system is reacting to animal proteins. and the one thing they will say, if you are having them year-round, and particularly when you are at home with your cat -- >> uh-huh. >> it could be the cat. but we have a friend here on "the doctor
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1